Dr. Mudassar A. Mughal

Assistant Professor
mudassar.ahmad@fui.edu.pk and

Dr. Mudassar A. Mughal is working as an assistant professor at Department of Software Engineering and Computer Science. He has diverse international academic and industrial experience. Some of his work experiences are:

  • Chief technology officer at Liveling AB which is a tech startup focusing on development of tools for multi-camera live video production with synchronized video presentation.
  • Assistant Professor at School of Electrical and Computer Science (SEECS) - National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST).
  • Consultant for Liveling AB and delivered projects for ABB corporate research –Västerås-Sweden.
  • Consultant for Development of mobile collaborative video production tools for educational purposes in media studies to be used in Södertorn School of media studies Stockholm.
  • Researcher at Vinn Excellence Mobile Life Centre Stockholm – Sweden where among otherresearch activities, he has been responsible for technical design and development of projects in collaboration with IKEA research and Ericson Research.
  • He has been granted a Patent registered in EPO.
Selected Publications and conferences:
  • Mughal, M. A., Juhlin,O. Context-dependent software solutions to handle videosynchronization and delay in collaborative live mobile video production. In PersonalUbiquitous Computing (2013) Springer-Verlag London 201310.1007/s00779-013-0701-z–Journal paper.
  • Mughal, M.A. Zoric, G. Juhlin,O. Frame Rate Exclusive Sync Management of Live VideoStreams in Collaborative Mobile Production Environment. In Proceedings of the6thACMMoVid 14 Singapore, 2014.
  • Wang, J and Mughal, M.A. Live Nature: connecting people with their cherished places. In Proceedings of the 2014 companion publication on Designing interactive systems(DISCompanion ’14).
  • Mughal, M.A.Wang, J. Juhlin,O. Juxtaposing Mobile Webcasting and Ambient Video for Home Decor. In Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Multimedia(MUM2014).
  • Wang, J. Mughal, M.A. Juhlin,O. Experiencing Liveness of a Cherished Place in the Home Inproceedings of ACMTVX 2015.
  • Mughal, M.A., Juhlin,O., Engström, A. Dynamic delay handling in mobile live video production systems, Patent: EP2713609B1
  • PhD Computer System Sciences – Stockholm University-SwedenA multidisciplinary application research with a focus on new technical challenges and opportunities offered by intersection of areas such as HCI, live multimedia systems, and Internet of Things.
  • MSc. Internet working – KTH Royal Institute of technology, Stockholm-Sweden. The two years master’s program offered a comprehensive technical understanding of communication systems, network protocols, communication security and working of the Interne.
  • BSc. Software Engineering – University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila–Pakistan. The four-year undergraduate program focused to developed understanding and skills for software systems design and development
  • Collaborative live video production systems.
  • Internet Of Things, Ambient videos, Ambient intelligence.
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Associative Design Research.